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Piano Solo

Kaja Polivaeva – piano

In my solo programi choose pieces that have power to touch and exploit the sonic possibilities of the piano. I welcome requests from composers and am also interested in transdisciplinary projects. My own improvisations and compositions are increasingly important to me.
Die eigenen Improvisationen und Kompositionen sind für mich zunehmend immer wichtiger.

"Chronicles of the Middle Ages" - documentary - in progress Co-directing with Artem Funk, free project. Music, piano, recording.

The film was shot in May 2022 in Kiev, Butcha and Gostomel and features several eyewitnesses of the war sharing their experiences with the Russian occupation as well as their further thoughts and reflections on the current state of affairs.

“Release of a bird”
In my performances, I combine own improvisations with contemporary works from the 21st century. Among others, works by Einojuhani Rautavaara, Martin Torp, Rodion Tschedrin, Peteris Vasks as well as works by J. S. Bach and F. Liszt in free ad hoc arranged interpretation.

Piano cylce "Fresken" by Martin Torp. 24 piano pieces based on Giotto`s Life-of-Christ-frescoes in Padua (duration approx. 65 min.)
Project "Sylva" with the artist Peter Hölscher. An installation for piano, video and sculpture
“Neuauflage” Katrin Bertram,
Rehearsal and performance
CD recording "Conventus for piano solo, Ewelina Nowicka, published by Kreuzberg Records.


Dina Bolshakova – cello
Kaja Polivaeva - piano

There is a play on words in the name duoUNRUH. Unruh, the precise heart of a clock, and unrest, as a state of lively, driven restlessness. The duo focuses on the music literature of the 20th/21st century as well as unknown works.

The duoUNRUH, consisting of Dina Bolshakova on cello and Kaja Polivaeva on piano, was founded in spring 2014. The common enthusiasm for new music brought the pianist and the cellist together and since 2014 the two have been performing regularly as duoUNRUH. The duo made guest appearances with concerts in Germany, Austria, Greece and Russia. The duo enjoys increasing interest from composers who like to compose for the duo and entrust their works to the ensemble.

Highlights (2014-22)
"Sunday Concerts" Classical Music at the Portal of the Bode Museum Berlin (2014)
Festival "Art at the Spreeknie" Novilla Berlin (2015)
Obraztsova Cultural Center in St. Petersburg (2016)
Prioratski Castle in Gattchina (2016)
Festival Crescendo Berlin (2017)
Festival WaveGotikTreffen in Leipzig (2017)
Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts&Music in Athen (2017)
Passion Church Berlin (2018, 2019)
Festival "Saarbrücker Sommermusik" (2016-2020, 2022)
65th Chamber Music Week in Elmau Castle (2019)
Society for Music Theater in Vienna (2019)
Piano Salon Christophori Berlin (2019)
Cultural program of the Central Council of Jews (2020)
Scholarship within the program "NEUSTART Kultur" from the Federal Ministry of Culture and Media (2021)
Ensemble grant within the program "NEUSTART Kultur" from the Federal Ministry of Culture and Media (2022)


Nathan Ott – drums
Kaja Polivaeva - piano

A state of ice called Ice XVIII, where it is black and half as hot as the sun.

The new project "IceXVIII" by pianist Kaja Polivaeva and drummer Nathan Ott -a synthesis of two musical worlds at the centre: New Music as well as Jazz. In the duo, two musicians develop a common sound language based on the syntax of composed and improvised sections. The combination of piano and percussion is very rare and unusual. The current programme features motifs from the compositions Excerpts Martin Torp, Philipp Kronbichler, Rodion Tschedrin, among others. Both musicians are multiple scholarship holders of the Federal Government as solo and chamber music partners.

Unsere ersten Konzerte haben wir im Kühlspot Berlin, Kladower Forum, Schwartzschen Villa und Klavierwerkstatt Classic Pianos gespielt. Für das 2023 stehen schon Auftritte im Schloss Britz und dem Festival WGT Kammer in Leipzig statt.



Kaja Polivaeva - piano, photo camera

The new format, in which images and improvisation interact in an active process and combine into one work, will get the same name - Reflection - as the first series. The special thing about it is that both come from the pen and perspective of one person.

The first series "Reflections" deals with the play of light, reflection of objects on the water surface gives the impetus for an improvisation. The picture and the music recording form a unity. Each work is unique in form and content. The duration of the improvisation is between 1-3 minutes. 

The performance is possible in concert and as an exhibition.